We Invest Early In Young Lives
& inventive ideas.
We Invest Early In Young Lives
& inventive ideas.

Do you have an idea that could transform the lives of thousands of young children?

Established in mid-2014, Innovation Edge is an innovation catalyst and investment platform with a social impact agenda.

We support the growth of unconventional ideas that seek to transform early life experiences for young children living in poverty.

We provide a variety of customised strategic, financial and hands-on support to help inventors, innovators, change makers, start-ups, entrepreneurs and investors turn brilliant ideas into sustainable solutions.

You don’t have to be an expert in early childhood care & education to make a difference.

Get inspired by some of the innovations in our portfolio.

Explore a high-quality, socially inclusive workplace based educare model; and discover how a gamified approach to learning is boosting the skills of pre-primary teachers.

We’re ready to help bring your ideas to life and to connect you to problems that need solving.

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We offer a continuum of support.

from inspiration
to ideation
to proof of concept
to transition to scale.


Innovation Edge has a year-round, open call for ideas from anyone, anywhere.


Our team has a deep understanding of Early Childhood Development and the systems needed for impact at scale – let us help you design and refine your idea to solve real needs.


Innovation Edge helps you find ways to expand your venture – whether for profit or not for profit.

The foundations for who you are today were built in early childhood, beginning even before you were born.

The human brain grows faster in the first 1,000 days of a child’s life than it will ever again in the future.

The brain activity related to the development of literacy, numeracy and social skills is greatest in these first few years of life.

Our featured investments.

We invest in ideas!

Ideas that enhance quality interactions between caregivers and children .

Ideas on ways to build a competent workforce and quality programmes for young children.

And those that enable or enhance the systems needed to provide quality products and services at scale.

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From the blog.

Helping young brains grow

The Foundation for Alcohol Related Research (FARR) has for the past 3 years been developing and piloting a computer game aimed at improving the cognitive development - that is, memory, attention and processing speed - of children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder...

The Lego Ideas Conference: Playing, leapfrogging and scaling

Over 400 thought leaders from around the world – including academics, practitioners, innovators, educators, government officials and social entrepreneurs - converged in Billund, Denmark for the 2018 Lego Idea Conference. The annual conference aimed to further the Lego...

Simple Loving Connections: Memorable Mom(ents)

Sometimes, during the mundaneness of everyday activities like cooking, I narrate what I am doing in detail, I say, “I’m chopping carrots” or “This is a carrot.” I’m not talking to myself or teaching a cooking class, I am interacting with my 17-month-old child. While...

Collaborative, Curious & Bold.

The core members of the Innovation Edge team.

Sonja Giese

Founding Director

Erika Wiese

Head of Portfolio Management

Nicole Biondi

Head of Marketing & Communications

Lyndsey Petro

Junior Portfolio Manager

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