Lyndsey Petro.

Project Coordinator

Early childhood development is about unlocking the potential inherent in our next generation of leaders.

As a Project Coordinator at Innovation Edge, I work alongside our investees in the field, learning about the challenges faced in ECD, as well as the many opportunities it presents. I assist investees as they navigate our lean iteration approach; get them thinking about their customers, value propositions and assumptions. I do a lot of connecting; building relationships with and between various stakeholders in the ECD community.

My career path appeared to be heading straight for the lecture theatre. However, my Masters in  Sociology, especially the fieldwork, propelled me into leaving the safe confines of the University of Cape Town and got me engaging with the people and issues academia is often trying to reach and tackle. I love qualitative research and hearing the voices of those often not heard. My work experience has largely involved teaching, writing, editing and research. Innovation Edge offers a multitude of projects/startups in which to apply and adapt my skills.

My take on innovation, is that it happens when you least expect it.