Nicole Biondi.

Marketing & Communications Manager

Positive early childhood development is to a thriving society what water is to an ocean.

As the Marketing & Communications Manager for Innovation Edge, I am constantly on the lookout for new ways of sharing the importance of investing in early childhood development. A large portion of my work focusses on finding and developing platforms for the distribution of stories – those that shine a light on the success of our investees, as well as tales that highlight failure and the lessons we’ve learned. I am also responsible for managing and amplifying the Innovation Edge brand, so that we are able to attract a wide range of invest-worthy ideas from change-makers; and support from investors.

Having been involved in marketing, communication and public relations for more than a decade, I have developed the knack of being able to collect, craft and communicate engaging content at the right time; to the right audience; in a way that inspires sharing. When I left my role as Strategic Communications and Content Manager for Cape Town Tourism, I was determined to find a space in which I would be able to use my skills to make a fundamental difference to the world we live in.

I have found that space.

My view on innovation is that it happens when vivid insight and purposeful action meet.