Help solve a specific problem.

This is an invitation to contribute your skill, passion, social capital and resources to making sure that all young children have a great start to life. This is where we post specific challenge related to early childhood care and education and highlight opportunities for innovation and partnerships for scale.

Active Innovation Challenge

Inclusion challenge: Early learning opportunities for ALL children

This challenge calls for innovative ideas on enabling quality early learning opportunities for children with disabilities. 

Challenge Brief

All human beings fall on a spectrum of talents and capabilities. Not everybody is able to climb Kilimanjaro, solve complicated mathematical equations and socialise effortlessly.

We would like to make sure that all children have the best start at life, no matter where they fall on the spectrum. For that to happen, it is important that children who are born with disabilities have access to inclusive support and services that promote positive early learning opportunities.

Here are some of the opportunities for innovation: 

Enabling systems for the early identification of disabilities

Good early detection systems will allow appropriate services to be provided effectively. These services include quality medical and therapeutic services, assistive devices and inclusive learning programmes.

Problem case: There are systemic barriers within the early childhood care and education system. 

Empowering programmes for pre-school teachers

Pre-school teachers of young children with disabilities need practical on-site training and mentorship. They may also need the help of additional assistants, parents or therapists working with them in the learning environment.

Problem case: There is a lack of information on disabilities, training and resource allocation to motivate inclusive practices among early childhood care and education service providers. 

Supportive tools for caregivers of children with disabilities

Caregivers need access to information and skills to help them raise children with disabilities. They also need to access quality early childhood care and education services for their children, so that they are free to seek employment.

Problem case: Discrimination against children with disabilities is the leading contributor to exclusion from early childhood care and education services services, and often results in desperate caregivers ‘hiding’ children with disability from society.

Inclusive systems, spaces and places for communities

Inclusive communities are those where everyone works together to ensure that children with disabilities are treated as equally important.

Problem case: The prevalence of environmental barriers such as inaccessible buildings, transport systems and information systems, which do not take into account different languages (i.e. Sign Language.)