By Lucy O'Keeffe, Director: Ubunye Foundation 

Training the ECD Champs - Our Dream Team

The start of 2016 saw Project Ukonga move from the drawing board to action.  We now have our dream team of ECD champions - 14 people from the Eastern Cape and Gauteng who have agreed to champion the ECD cause in the stokvels (or savings groups, for uninitiated).

When it came to putting our dream team together, we looked for people from different walks of life with one thing in common – some level of ECD experience, be it a retired day centre manager or a nurse.

We also have a group of stokvels who have agreed to participate – 48 in total. The ECD champs have already introduced the project to the stokvel chairpersons and will now be hosting a series of information sessions with each stokvel – the first session is scheduled for March and is all about the developmental process of the brain. We’ll keep you posted on how they unfold.

Yours in ECD,

The Ukonga Team