Opportunity Hub.

Welcome to the Innovation Edge Opportunity Hub! 

This page is home to our Spark Bank and other exciting invitations to join a mission to facilitate transformative social change in South Africa.

In addition to those related to our portfolio, we also share opportunities offered by like-minded organisations.

Ready for action?

At various points along the journey from Proof of Concept to Transitioning to Scale, our investments offer opportunities for external involvement and support.

Here is where we showcase those with opportunities for collaboration, adoption or additional investment.

Virtual Reality Teacher Training.

Open up to a new reality. Test the use of an immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experience in your ECD teacher training program.

VR enables experiential learning and could transform the way we think about training ECD practitioners.

Take a look at the TED Talk on the left for inspiration on what’s possible.

Having developed a VR ECD teacher training experience, Innovation Edge would like to partner with an ECD teacher training organisation to test this innovation in the field.

Spark Bank.

We are continuously searching for ideas that have the potential to positively transform the early life experiences of young children living in poverty.

Sometimes when promising ideas emerge, we don’t have all of the pieces of the puzzle to act. In order to hold onto these ideas, we’ve created the Spark Bank.

Have a look at the ideas below and see if any of them resonate with you. Perhaps your thinking could complete the puzzle.

Biometric verification for children

There are a number of existing solutions providing biometric verification through facial recognition software…for adults. We’re in search of biometric verification solutions for children aged 3 to 5, who attend early learning centres in impoverished communities.


Turning waiting spaces into engaging places

What if spaces, particularly where parents and other caregivers have to wait for long periods of time with their children, could be transformed into places that sparked engagement?

Regular, positive interactions between caregiver and child lay the foundation in the child’s developing brain for lifelong literacy, numeracy and self-control.

Do YOU have an idea of how waiting spaces could be sustainably transformed or created to be engaging places?

Supporting young moms

The last Recorded Live Births report produced by Statistics South Africa showed that out of the 969 415 birth recorded in 2016, 136 996 were born to mothers below the age of 20.

All mothers, no matter where they’re from or what their age, need support with ways to engage with and help build their childs’ developing brain and body during the earliest years.

While there are a number of initiatives for older mothers, we’d like to explore the possibility of funding an innovative and scalable parenting support initiative particularly for mothers under the age of 20.

Perhaps you’re a young mom with an uncoventional solution on how to do this; or an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a burning idea – we would LOVE to hear from you!

Employment Opportunities.


Innovation Edge Junior Portfolio Managers, Cape Town

START DATE: August 2018 or sooner

We are looking to hire TWO Junior Portfolio Managers to join our lean and passionate team in sourcing, incubating and transitioning to scale impactful innovations.

Our ideal candidates are graduates with 1-2 years experience in project-management and research-related activities, preferably in the business/social innovation ecosystem. Exposure to lean iteration or design-thinking methodologies is beneficial.

The roles involve working in a small team, on the job learning and flexibility to take on both administrative and strategic tasks. No experience in early childhood development is required.

Keen to find out more? Please see the detailed job spec here.



Innovation Edge Re-Purpose Driven Consultant, Durban

START DATE: September

Innovation Edge is looking for a Consultant to project manage the Barrows: (re)Purpose-driven Distribution and Production initiative. The ideal candidate has a combination of project management and supply chain management experience.

The Barrows: (re) Purpose-driven Distribution and Production initiative

Innovation Edge has partnered with Barrows Design and Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd, a South African Retail Marketing/Shopper Conversion company to test repurposing their production and distribution processes to benefit thousands of young children – in a way that’s also good for business. 

Barrows produces thousands of retail display units for companies all over South Africa. Very often, the printing of those units result in ‘waste’ in the form of blank space – areas of cardboard or paper not covered with artwork. The team at Barrows found a way of repurposing that waste to generate educational material for young children without affecting the daily running of the business.

In just a few months, at little or no additional cost, Barrows produced 76 343 pieces of educational material. Making use of their existing transport infrastructure, they moved the material from their factory to depots around the country, where educare centres collected them. These high-quality education resources have reached approximately 150 000 children to date.

This is a six-month, part-time (approximately 1 day a week) contract position. The Consultant would start immediately to provide ongoing project management support and to onboard additional partners.

The position is Durban based and the Consultant will be working closely with members of the Innovation Edge Portfolio Management Team, Barrows management and operational team, NGO’s, Content Providers and Educare centres.

Keen to find out more? Please see the detailed job spec here.



Innovation Edge Financial Manager, Cape Town

START DATE: September 2018 

Innovation Edge is looking to hire a Financial Manager to join our lean and passionate team. This individual will provide Finance and Legal support to Innovation Edge, and play a role in building our portfolio of impact investments.

This is an exciting opportunity, which represents a balance between typical financial management responsibilities and the opportunity to play an active role in the investments made by Innovation Edge.

 The position is Cape Town based and the Financial Manager will report to the Executive Director.

We offer a competitive salary commensurate with experience.

Keen to find out more? Please see the detailed job spec here.