Pivoting Platforms.

Pivoting Platforms explores the use of established business platforms and excess inventory to produce and distribute learning resources to the communities that need them most.

The need

Young children and their educators need access to good early learning materials. That access is often hampered by high costs and weak infrastructure. Lack of access affects under-resourced and remote communities hardest, meaning that the most vulnerable children often don’t get the stimulation and support that they need.

There is a need for a sustainable pipeline of high quality early learning materials designed and targeted appropriately for age, language and content.

The innovation

Can extra inventory and unused space within production and distribution processes be used to manufacture and deliver quality content to ECD centres around South Africa? What’s the easiest way of doing this at scale? How can businesses be encouraged to get involved?
Pivoting Platforms explores how existing business processes and systems can be used to deliver a sustainable pipeline of early learning materials to those who would otherwise not have access to them.

Leveraging existing business platforms greatly lessens costs and makes use of systems that have been proven to be both durable and sustainable. At little or no additional cost to themselves, businesses can also benefit by improving their BBB-EE (broad based black economic empowerment) ‘scorecard’ and by offering customers social impact value add.

Pivoting Platforms provides an illuminating case study, lighting the way for other businesses to think about how they can use their systems and processes to effect social change.

Key insights

The change-making insight of Pivoting Platforms is to leverage existing infrastructure, processes and systems, instead of investing heavily in developing new ones. It further demonstrates new ways in which corporate social responsibility can be integrated into core business processes with benefits to all.

Social change happens when we use the tools available to us in innovative ways, particularly in bringing about connections between the public and the private sector.

The project team

*mdp marketing is a marketing strategy consultancy that specialises in marketing, design and publicity.

Barrows, a specialist marketing and retail company offers excess printing inventory (‘white space’ on large print runs) to print early learning content and a distribution network that delivers this content to their 11 depots across the country.