Neuroscience has fundamentally changed the way we understand human development. 

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

– Frederick Douglass

By the age of 2 years (1,000 days from conception), a child’s brain has two times the number of neural connections it will have in adulthood.

The 2-year old brain is like a neurological super-sponge!

Healthy brain development is determined by a child’s early life experiences, including a healthy pregnancy, safe and nurturing care, nutrition, language stimulation, play and lots and lots of engaging interactions.

Enabling positive brain development right from the start of a child’s life produces better health, education and social outcomes across the lifespan.

700 new neural connections are formed every second during a child’s 1st 1,000 days of life

By age 2, a child’s brain has 2 times the neurons it will have as an adult

The ROI from investing early is between 7% and 13%

A child’s abilities and behavior at age 3 are predictors of educational, health, occupational and social outcomes at age 30

In South Africa today, there are just over 6 million children under the age of 6.

 62% of these children live below the poverty line.

Because the foundation for one’s entire life course is formed in early childhood, deprivation during the early years impacts on the development of a child’s brain and body in ways that are largely irreversible.

Deprivation in the early years distorts the life trajectory of a child, taking her off course from the path she could otherwise have followed.



Unless we begin unlocking the human capital potential from the early years, we will not see an increased employment rate, or better economic growth or a safer and happier society.

And we believe that we have at our disposal everything we need to change this.

Are you ready to join the Early Years Revolution?