Nicola Galombik.

Executive Director, Yellowwoods

Nicola Galombik is the Executive Director at Yellowwoods Holdings and the Chief Executive at Yellowwoods Inclusive Growth Catalyst. With more than 20 years’ experience, Nicola is considered a solution-builder and systems-change-thinker, both within organisations and the broader social arena. She has worked at executive level, within businesses, in the public sector and in the non-governmental and political spheres.

At Yellowwoods, Nicola is responsible for the inclusive and sustainable growth goals across the organisation. Her portfolio focuses on building an inclusive economy through driving youth employment, financial resilience, education and early-childhood development. Impact is achieved through initiatives in the commercial business portfolio, social innovation and positive business leadership.

Prior to taking on the role at Yellowwoods, Nicola established and was Managing Director of Converse, a management consulting business focused on large-scale organisational change and leadership consulting, in the public sector, parastatals and in blue chip private sector companies. Prior to that, she held senior executive positions in television broadcasting, policy, regulation, and education, and was an award-winning documentary film-maker.