Avilisha Kubarilall.

Finance Associate

Avilisha Kubarilall is the Finance Associate responsible for the finance management and providing support to the day-to-day management of all finance related matters.

Avilisha holds a Bcompt and a Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting. She completed her SAICA Articles at a small, medium-sized audit company where she was exposed to a variety of industries including financial services, engineering, construction as well as rental and manufacturing.

Avilisha has extensive accounting experience having worked at two different types of investment companies previously. She has experience working as a Financial Accountant providing accounting for over 80 companies at a section 12J venture capital company. Prior to Innovation Edge, she worked at Global Independent Administrators as the Financial Manager overseeing the financial department.

Avilisha’s passion and love for children was sparked by her experience working at the Benoni Court where she witnessed the background and lives of many children in this country and was motivated to help improve their lives. The change that can be achieved when working as a team to make a difference in the lives of children, is what led her to Innovation Edge.

“Innovation is about accepting changes over time and believing in ideas that bring about the changes whilst remembering the impact made on other lives.”