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David Harrison.

CEO, DG Murray Trust

David Harrison is the CEO of the DG Murray Trust. After completing his medical internship in 1990, David joined the Child Health Unit of the University of Cape Town, working on policy issues related to child health, nutrition and early childhood development.  He completed an MSc(Med) related to the planning of child health services in Khayelitsha.   

In 1991, he founded the Health Systems Trust (HST), a non-government organization supporting health policy and services development in South Africa.  In this capacity, he established the South African Health Review – an annual assessment of health and health care, and the Initiative for Sub-District Support, working with the Department of Health to improve the quality of health care in clinics throughout South Africa.

In 2000, he completed a Masters in Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley, before returning to South Africa to head up loveLife, a national HIV prevention programme for young people. In 2010, he joined the DG Murray Trust, which is committed to growing South Africa’s potential.