Dimpho Lephaila.

Communications Associate 

Dimpho joined the IE team in October 2022. As a Communications Associate, she is primarily responsible for overseeing and managing the communications needs of the organisation. 

Dimpho holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science, an Honours in Integrated Organisational Communication and an MPhil in Science and Technology Studies, specialising in Science and Public Engagement.

Prior to joining IE, she worked for WWF South Africa where she was responsible for packaging content for the organisation’s environmental programme. The role gave her the opportunity to engage with a range of stakeholders, capturing stories on various projects funded by or through the organisation.

Dimpho is passionate about causes, initiatives and innovations that have a human benefit in the end, especially those that solve major issues facing the society. The opportunity to capture the impact of these and share with relevant stakeholders and other publics is one of the reasons that attracted her to IE. She hopes that IE’s investment impact stories will reach and touch the hearts of many and contribute to developing positive change in the early lives of South African children.

“I believe that innovation is about turning imagination and creativity into action, into a solution and eventually into a life-changing impact on humanity.”