Lyndsey Petro.

Senior Portfolio Manager

Lyndsey is a Senior Portfolio Manager at Innovation Edge. As part of the Portfolio Management Team, Lyndsey works on sourcing and pivoting ideas, incubating investees and strategizing for scale.

She takes investees through a lean, iterative approach to idea and solution design and works in the field supporting customer engagement. She is also exploring the opportunities for Innovation Edge in other parts of Africa and their metrics for impact measurement.

Lyndsey has a Bachelor of Social Science degree in Sociology and Organisational Psychology and a Masters Degree in Sociology from the University of Cape Town (UCT). With a passion for student development, she worked as a Writing Centre consultant and tutor at UCT. She later lectured part-time at UCT and Cornerstone College.

She has worked as an independent research consultant on organisational and programmatic reviews, as an editorial assistant the Southern African Journal of HIV and AIDS and at the Kuyasa Fund, a housing microfinance initiative, as their Research Coordinator.

“Innovation happens when you least expect it.”