Calling EdTech entrepreneurs and social innovators.

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Calling EdTech entrepreneurs and social innovators: Apply now for funding and hands-on support to improve language and literacy acquisition for young children in South African homes.

Cape Town, 28 August – Innovation Edge is excited to announce the launch of applications for funding and strategic support to execute new innovative ideas or adapt existing ones to improve literacy and language acquisition of small children in South African households. 

With September being World Literacy Month, this initiative aims to highlight the need to innovate and empower caregivers in low-income communities with the necessary tools and resources to engage their children in activities that enhance language and literacy skills.

While learning begins at home, many caregivers lack access to the tools and resources needed to create a stimulating environment for their children. Innovation Edge is calling upon strong and dedicated entrepreneurs and social innovators with new, or existing ideas that can be adapted to help caregivers of zero to six-year-olds overcome this challenge. The goal is to provide practical tools and resources in multiple languages that support language and literacy development in young children. 

Applications for this unique opportunity are open from 28 August to 30 September 2023. Interested individuals can apply online by visiting this link

“We believe that all children, regardless of their background, should have access to resources and tools that enable language and literacy acquisition. By providing funding and strategic support to innovative EdTech solutions, we hope to empower caregivers in under-resourced communities and improve the educational outcomes of children in their early years.”  – Adliya van Niekerk, Investment Principal at Innovation Edge.

Selected applicants will have the opportunity to receive funding of up to R1.5 million to develop and implement their ideas. In addition, successful applicants will also receive strategic support from Innovation Edge, including access and connections to networks and partnerships, and guidance in scaling their solutions.

Innovation Edge is particularly interested in ideas that leverage EdTech platforms to overcome barriers to access for caregivers in low-income communities. Ideas should aim to enhance language development and literacy skills in children aged zero to six. Solutions can include mobile apps, interactive websites, interactive games, video and audio content, or any other innovative tool that can engage children and enhance their learning experience.

By investing in EdTech solutions that address the early childhood education gap, Innovation Edge hopes to level the playing field for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, setting them on a path towards a brighter future.

Apply Now Here

Closing Date: 30 September 2023

For more information about the application process and eligibility criteria contact our investment team at [email protected].

For media queries contact Clayton Morar at [email protected] or 074 194 1766.

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