Help solve a specific problem.

This is an invitation to contribute your skill, passion, social capital and resources to making sure that all young children have a great start to life. This is where we post specific challenge related to early childhood care and education and highlight opportunities for innovation and partnerships for scale.

Active Innovation Challenge

The Innovation Edge #0to6matters Women’s Month Challenge

This Women’s Month Challenge invites women to share innovative business ideas that support positive early life experiences for children between the ages of 0 (conception) to 6 who live in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa 

The prize: 3 winners will each receive R5 000 cash PLUS R12 000 worth of Business Incubation support.

Important Dates:

  • Entries close on 17 August
  • Successful applicants will be informed on 21 August
  • Pivot and Pitch event takes place on 25 August

Challenge Brief

Did you know that who we are today as adults was determined by the quality of the experiences we had during our first 6 years of life?

This is YOUR opportunity to craft the future for tomorrow’s leaders today!

This Challenge invites women to share their innovative business ideas that support positive early life experiences for children between the ages of 0 (conception) to 6 who live in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa.

There are 3 parts to the process – PROPOSE | PIVOT | PITCH

1. PROPOSE your idea after selecting one of the Challenge Areas below

2. 10 Women will be selected to participate in a full day ideation workshop in Khayelitsha. Here you will have a hands-on learning experience of design thinking techniques to help you PIVOT your idea to ensure sustainability and mission fit.

3. PITCH your idea to a diverse panel of judges and hold fingers that you are one of the 3 winners!

 Ready? Read the Challenge Areas below

#0to6matters Women’s Month Challenge Areas 

Turning unexpected spaces into engaging places

Regular, positive interactions between caregiver and child lay the foundation in the child’s developing brain for lifelong literacy, numeracy and self-control.

What if spaces, particularly where parents and other caregivers have to wait for/spend long periods of time with their children, could be transformed into places that sparked engagement?

Do YOU have an idea of how unexpected spaces could be sustainably transformed or created to be engaging places?

These spaces could include, but are not limited to, clinics; day hospitals; public transport; shopping centres; and hairdressers

Creating products or services that support young mothers right from conception

All mothers, no matter where they’re from or what their age, need support to help them build their childs’ developing brain and body during the earliest years (conception to 6.)

Here are some idea sparks around the kinds of support mothers might need:

Parenting encouragement & advice (healthcare; mental health); access to goods and services (babysitting; affordable educational materials; innovative part-employment opportunities; remote free support from a therapist/psychologist)

Wild Card - let your imagination run wild!

How could YOU create a product or service that support positive early life experiences for children (o – 6 years old) in Khayelitsha?

Please think of ideas other than opening an ECD centre.