Our Impact Areas.

Picture a country in which all children are provided with the starting blocks they need to begin school with equal advantage.

Starting blocks are used by athletes to achieve an explosive start in competitive sprinting events. When the gun goes off, the starting blocks allow them to easily accelerate from an inert position and quite literally, “hit the ground running”.

Imagine positive early life experiences as the equivalent of starting blocks for life.

Athletes (in this case young children) who enter school without the support and acceleration that a starting block offers will begin the “race” at a distinct disadvantage.

Our investment areas are focused on enabling early life experiences that build sturdy starting blocks for all children.

Click on the blocks below to find out more about each area and associated opportunities for innovation. 

Early Learning in the Home

A child who has daily brain-building interactions right from birth develops strong learning foundations

Quality Early Learning Programmes

A child who attends a quality early learning programme for at least 2 years is more likely to start school on track

Early Health & Wellbeing

A child who receives nourishing food and good healthcare is able to grow to their full potential

Early Security & Safety

A child who feels safe and is protected from toxic levels of stress is free to thrive