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Our investment portfolio is linked to our focus areas and covers a range of stages and innovation levers.

Take a look at our glossary of terms or dive straight into exploring our investments. When exploring our investment portfolio, you can search by selecting any number of categories in each of these sections – Focus Areas | Innovation Levers | Status. Alternatively, download our Portfolio Pack here for a comprehensive overview of our investment portfolio.

Glossary of investment portfolio terms.

ALL These are all our current and past investments
Open These are investments that we are actively exploring or funding and supporting
Closed These are investments that we are no longer funding or supporting
Daily Brain Building Interactions A child who has daily brain-building interactions right from birth develops strong learning foundations
Quality Preschool Programmes A child who attends a quality preschool programme for at least 2 years performs better at school
Early Health Care & Nutrition A child who receives nourishing food and good healthcare is able to grow to their full potential
Safety & Protection A child who feels safe and is protected from toxic levels of stress is free to thrive
Cross Cutters Innovations that cut across more than one focus area
New product or service We invest in innovative new products and services with the potential for impact at scale
Existing product, platform or service We pivot, enhance or leverage existing services, products or platforms to improve quality, reduce cost, reach new target markets or facilitate impact at scale
Public sector systems We support innovations that bring greater efficiency and effectiveness to public sector (Government) systems for scale
Research and data tools We develop and test research tools, conduct research and share data to inform and support innovation