Parenting Resources.

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On this page you’ll find a collection of free resources, which we hope will be useful to anyone caring for young children aged 0 to 6 during this particularly challenging moment in time. ⁣

Browse the full collection or use the filter function below to search within a particular category or language. We’ve also created links to PDF docs for each category, should you wish to download and share. ⁣

At the bottom of the page you’ll find key emergency contacts as well as a link to a Google Form, where we encourage you to share any free resources you would like to add to this collection.

Emergency Contacts   
Childline  0800 055 555
Coronavirus Hotline 0800 029 999 /WhatsApp: 060 012 3456
SAPS Crime Stop 0860 10111 / SMS Crime Line: 32211
Suicide Helpline 0800 567 567
Gender Based Violence Command Centre
0800 428 428
Rape Crisis Helpline 021 447 9762
Poisons Information Helpline 0861 555 777

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Resource Areas   
Communicating COVID-19 Link to PDF Resources
Early Learning Activities Link to PDF Resources
Parents Wellbeing Link to PDF Resources
Health Link to PDF Resources
Safety and Protection Link to PDF Resources

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