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The EveryChild digital platform enables preschools to raise funds with very little effort. It facilitates the earning of cash rewards through a routine activity undertaken by the parents of children at their school – shopping.

What sets EveryChild apart from similar shopper rewards programmes is that it is not aligned to any one store. Instead, it is linked to widely available products within a range of brands. Products that were being purchased anyway.

Understanding the problem

Preschools that offer high-quality programmes result in children who perform better at school. High-quality programmes depend on having suitable infrastructure; skilled, motivated teachers and many other ingredients that all cost money. These costly ingredients are also the key that unlocks financial government support for preschools.

The catch-22 scenario of needing money to qualify for money means that most preschools in South Africa rely heavily on fundraising efforts to bolster income from school attendance fees. These fundraising efforts are often reliant on parents contributing additional funds in some way.

This is particularly problematic within our poorest communities, which are home to roughly  4 million children under the age of 6

The innovation

EveryChild has the potential to grow existing fundraising efforts for  participating preschools by more than 15% per month.

The EveryChild digital platform conveniently connects fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands to one of their target segments – parents of young children. Through the platform and using the preschool as the conduit, these brands are able to share information with parents each month on a selection of products. Parents know that when they buy these products, at any store and at no additional cost to them, their child’s preschool will receive a cash reward from the brands.

Beyond EveryChild’s ability to be a fundraising partner for preschools and a direct marketing channel for brands, the platform has tremendous potential for data aggregation and analytics. EveryChild is set to become the only platform in South Africa which can provide comprehensive consumer analytics for this market across retailers, brands, and payment method.

How it works

  1. The preschool creates a profile on the EveryChild platform
  2. Parents sign up to participate via an app or by giving the preschool permission to add them to the database
  3. Brands send monthly text message updates to parents that include product info, participating retail outlets and the amount of money that will be donated from each purchase
  4. Parents retain their shopping receipts (till slips in South Africa) and hand them to their child’s preschool
  5. The preschool uses a mobile phone to scan the receipts into the platform, which releases the payment of their cash rewards into an e-wallet

Why we invested

We are supporting EveryChild in proving the concept, because here’s what we think:-

Brands will be happy, because they will be able to gain useful insights into consumer behaviour – where they shop, how frequently, what they spend.

It will work for parents, because they are not required to drastically change their shopping habits and they’re helping their child’s preschool raise funds.

Preschool owners will have a low-effort income stream that will contribute to them being able to deliver a high-quality preschool experience.

And because we believe that the team has the skill set and staying-power to make it work


The project team

EveryChild is lead by co-founders Nokwethu Khojane (CEO), Lauren Drake (COO) and Mark Morris (CTO).

Nokwethu has a background in marketing, having worked as a Trade Marketer since 2001 for Motivation Africa and The Rewards Co, building relationships between suppliers and retailers with a focus on the independent and informal trade.

Before shifting career to social entrepreneurship, Lauren’s experience was as a professional structural engineer and project manager on infrastructure projects across Southern Africa. Her projects included feasibility and construction projects in mining, rail and harbour developments.

Mark is a serial technology entrepreneur, qualified marketeer, MBA graduate and change agent for new and better ways of doing business. He has worked successfully in and with large blue-chip enterprises for more than 30 years.