Project Enable.

A digital platform that gives practitioners and parents an opportunity to creatively develop and share solutions to the daily challenges of including children with disabilities in early learning.

The need

Caregivers of children with disabilities often suffer from extreme levels of social exclusion even within their own communities. They’re left with many questions after their child is diagnosed with a disability, and often don’t have a way of answering them, or of getting support.

A 2015 UNICEF study showed that this lack of information can mean that they blame themselves, and become even more isolated within their communities. This means that their children have fewer opportunities to interact with other children, and miss out on developing crucial foundational skills.

The innovation

Project Enable uses mobile technology to help these vulnerable caregivers and their children by connecting parents of children with similar disabilities.

Using mobile platforms that are familiar to caregivers, Project Enable provides a platform for struggling caregivers to share ideas on ways to stimulate and care for their children.

Project Enable adopts a strengths-based approach to support, encouraging participants to share solutions that they have come up with to solve common challenges, and to build on ideas shared by others. The interactions are moderated and professional support is available if needed.

Key insights

Social exclusion hits the parents of disabled children especially hard.

The effects of this exclusion on children can be irreversible.

A positive learning environment is crucial if children are to thrive, and it is especially important in the case of children with disabilities. Often these children are capable of so much more than their caregivers expect and without early intervention, this potential is lost.

By focusing on inclusivity and empowering caregivers, Project Enable gives children of all abilities a chance to be on the receiving end of good quality early years’ experiences.

The project team

Diketo Inclusive Education is an organisation that aims to enhance the quality of life for children with disabilities through their participation in play and learning opportunities.