SVille : Sharing Village.

SVille is a mobile application that aims to create sharing communities that positively benefit children aged 0-6. It draws inspiration from the concept of collaborative consumption, with the strong idea that it takes a village to raise a child.

The need

Many families in under-resourced communities have challenges in covering even their most basic needs. Buying items like books that could help support their children’s early brain development has to take a back seat to more pressing ones.

Research shows that to help prepare children to succeed at school, regularly reading and hearing engaging stories in languages they understand is essential. There is a definite link between reading for pleasure and improved outcomes for children.

Early learning resources are not the only things needed by young, swiftly growing children in poorer communities. Often they also need access to things like clothes and shoes.

SVille has been built on the belief that even the poorest communities own previously-used or excess books, toys and clothes that could be regifted or shared. They don’t, however, have a platform that allows for the matching of people who need resources to those who have them and are willing to pass them on.

The innovation

SVille is a mobile application that uses geolocation in order to facilitate the gifting or sharing of previously-used or excess resources in communities.

Once someone signs up to the SVille app, they can begin giving or receiving items. In the case of giving, the owner will upload pictures of the items they have available for sharing. They will also categorise the item by type and according to which age group it would benefit.
Users who are searching for items will be able to browse the range of items available in their category of needs.

Using geolocation, users will be connected with each other within a 5km radius. Once a connection has been made, the chat functionality will allow for them to arrange the exchange of items. Once exchanges have taken place, users will be able to rate the experience.

This investment is in the feasibility phase, so watch this space for updates.

Key insights

A company called OLIO in the UK has managed to develop a platform with the goal of sharing food or leftovers. As of 2017, the company has quickly grown to a multinational network of food-sharing communities, with over 200,000 items shared since its launch and nearly 10,000 people volunteering to help.

This is an impressive example that supports our assumptions that individuals within communities have excess resources and are willing to share, as well as receive from fellow community members.

The project team

Sache is a startup team of engineers and programmers excited about the prospects of geolocation and machine learning in connecting people and resources.

Last updated 15 March 2018