Think Future Breakaway Sessions 2019

How to Run a Campaign for Change

Participants in this session explored how to combine sociology, behavioural science, and storytelling to inspire change and drive action.

Session Champion

Dave Duarte: Treeshake, Founder

Chat for Social Impact

This session focused on how to use WhatsApp for social impact. They learned how to prototype a WhatsApp ECD service step-by-step using, the product that helps organisations have impactful conversations at scale.

Session Champions

Estee Jacobs: Service Designer,

Pippa Yeats: Product Manager,

The Humans Behind our Human Capital

This session sought out to answer the question “What humans, and what perspective of these humans, will best serve our future human capital?”

Session Champions

Lyndsey Petro: Senior Portfolio Manager, Innovation Edge

Alia Weston: Associate Professor, Creative and Business Enterprise, OCAD University

Invest and Innovate with a Gender Lens

This session explored the core elements of investing with a gender lens, the link between gender equality and early childhood development, and how to design programmes that are gender-responsive.

Session Champions

Erika Wiese: Head of Portfolio Management, Innovation Edge


Building Innovative Business Models for Social Enterprises

Building organisations that create enduring social impact requires innovative thinking. In this session, our expert session champions brought their vast experience from different geographies, industries and stakeholder groups to craft a session that explored business models from diverse contexts.

Session Champions

Ashley Beckner: Venture Partner, Omidyar Network

Emily Gustafsson-Wright: Fellow, Center for Universal Education, The Brookings Institution

Bilal Randeree: Director, Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF)

Adliya van Niekerk: Finance Manager, Innovation Edge

 Game On!

Challenge perspective by exploring how games and gamification can be used to teach and motivate… adults! Sea Monster showed how to apply game mechanics to practitioner training, and ensure all had fun along the way.

Session Champions

Glenn Gillis: CEO, Sea Monster 

 Mind the               GAP

This workshop adopted a case study approach to exploring the practical realities of transitioning to scale, expand thinking around potential pathways to scale and highlighted key considerations to keep in mind.

Session Champion

Sonja Giese: Executive Director, Innovation Edge

Lyndsey Petro: Senior Portfolio Manager, Innovation Edge

Beyond Shared Value: Creating and Sustaining Purpose-driven Businesses

This session unpacked the logics and imperatives underpinning key concepts such as shared value, corporate citizenship and CSI, social enterprise and purpose-driven business.

Session Champions

Dr Jess Schulschenk: Director, Sustainability Institute

Theories of Change: Embedding Measurement in Your Journey to Impact

Through the use of practical examples, this session explored the use of an important model, the Theory of Change, for the specification and communication of the underlying logic, assumptions, causal linkages and expected outcomes of a portfolio, investment, programme or project.

Session Champion

Amreen Choda: Senior Associate, Genesis Analytics

Caroline Stapleton: Senior Associate, Genesis Analytics

Constructing Narratives to Drive Change

During this generative session, participants identified and explored key themes of the governing story in the early 21st century, crafted alternative narratives that put the child and the child’s flourishing at the centre, and practised using concrete storytelling tools, including real-time sharing on social media.

Session Champions

Joe Waters: CEO, Captia Social

Building Cities Fit for Their Youngest Residents

This session aimed to explore how government and other actors can best make cities where the youngest can thrive, in turn improving the quality of life for all residents.

Session Champion

Josh Lowe:  Editor, Apolitical

Rushda Majeed: India Representative, Bernard van Leer Foundation