Think Future

 Where global forces spark unusual connections and collaborative action

Think Future is a carefully curated bi-annual event, where change makers from diverse industries and geographies draw inspiration from global forces, collaborate and connect to catalyse strong early life foundations for children.


As an innovation catalyst, we connect people with diverse interests and expertise to contribute to the development of innovation.

We also join the dots between disparate concepts and across geographic and sectoral borders.

This is the motivation behind our Think Future events, which take place bi-annually (2017 & 2019) in Cape Town, South Africa.

“My perspective is completely changed on the power of unusual connections, self awareness about our cognitive biases…”

“A wonderfully, mind prickling, boundary pushing conference. It was a delight from start to finish.”

“I have attended more than a few conferences. This one was like a Faberge egg, beautiful on the outside but full of surprises on the inside. Thank you!”

The Think Future events have proved that when a mix of very different people are brought together to make unusual connections to each other and to ideas; when they are presented with an urgent and relevant challenge; and when they are encouraged to explore solutions from different perspectives – magic happens.

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