Think Future no.2

14 to 16 October 2019

Spier Wine Farm | Stellenbosch, South Africa

Think Future is an unconventional event, where change makers from diverse industries and geographies draw inspiration from global forces, collaborate and connect to catalyse strong early life foundations for children.

Building strong foundations for our youngest citizens is the best long-term investment a country can make – for a just and thriving society, resilient economy and global competitiveness.

In a world striving to harness exponential developments in technology, decode big-data, manage massive movements of people and conserve limited natural resources, we need to revolutionise how we lay the very foundations of our society.

Think Future no.1 proved that when a mix of very different people are brought together to make unusual connections to each other and to ideas; when they are presented with an urgent and relevant challenge; and when they are encouraged to explore solutions from different angles and without boundaries – magic happens.

“I liked the way it had me thinking of new ideas in creative ways. It had me thinking outside of the box I usually find myself within. I branched out, let my walls down, and truly engaged with thoughts, ideas, and perspectives I had not encountered before.”

“It was a very well organised event with an interesting group of people. Not being from this (Early Childhood Care & Education) sector I was unsure what to expect, but it was definitely thought provoking and valuable to me. Thanks!”

Think Future no.2

Over the course of Think Future no.2 participants will experience a series of unconventional talks, explore the global forces impacting current and future realities, participate in expertly facilitated small-group sessions, and have ample opportunity for both curated and spontaneous connections with others.

Inspire & Ignite talks

Creative problem-solving sessions

One on one connect opportunities

Meet the expert moments

Learning leaps

Serious play times

The future needs YOU! Are you up for the challenge?

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