Up to 30,000 ECD operators could close as a result of Covid-19

by | May 24, 2020 | Blog

Two weeks ago, ilifa Labantwana asked ECD operators to participate in a survey to understand the impact of the lockdown on their operations and future sustainability. The response was overwhelming with close to 8,500 responses, 65% of them coming in the first four days.

  • 99% reported that caregivers have been unwilling or unable to pay fees
  • 83% of operators have not been able to pay full staff salaries
  • 96% reported that their income was not enough to cover their operating costs
  • 68% of operators worry they will not be able to reopen after the lockdown

The results of this survey, along with two recommendations to sustain the sector at a cost to the state of just over R1bn over 6 months, have been published in a report; which together with our partners, we have distributed to decision makers in government and the media.

Up to 30,000 ECD operators could close

Without intervention, 30,000 ECD operators serving the poorest communities run the risk of closure. Up to 175,000 people will be left unemployed and 1.5million children would be left without early learning services and a safe place of day care.

Please join us in sharing the story of the plight of the ECD workforce during Covid-19.

ECD operators form a critical part of our social and economic fabric, and their survival is essential to our recovery from this crisis. We cannot afford to allow them to fall through the cracks.

View the complete report here.

View the 2- page summary report here.

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