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As an innovation catalyst and investment platform, we see our role as:

Our support includes:

  • Funding of up to R1 million (±$70k), over a period of up to 24 months
  • Consultation on customer-centric project design, implementation and impact evaluation
  • Marketing and communications expertise
  • Workshops and in-person meetings
  • Access to our international early childhood innovation and investor networks
1. Connecting for innovation

We connect people with diverse interests and expertise to contribute to the development of innovation.

We also make connections between disparate concepts and across geographic and sectoral borders.

Experience has shown that it is the combination of our deep understanding of social and systemic challenges combined with broad cross-sectoral engagement that sparks innovation.

2. Enabling innovation

Our understanding of early years challenges in South Africa enables us to source, co-create and pivot inventive solutions that are relevant and scalable.

We provide strategic, financial and hands-on support from the feasibility stage to proof of concept (POC), and actively experiment with multiple pathways to scale.

3. Communicating innovation

We share insights on innovation products and processes to contribute to a collective understanding of what has and has not worked.

We also actively seek opportunities to communicate the importance of positive early life experiences to influence perspective and drive behaviour change.

We accept applications for support from individuals, non-profit and for profit organisations.

A successful idea submission will meet the following criteria:
  • Applications must be aligned to one or more of our focus areas
  • Directly or indirectly, the venture must benefit children aged 0-6 years (this includes the period of development during pregnancy) in South Africa.

  • It must benefit children in low-income families, but does not have to exclusively target them.
  • The venture needs to have a capable and committed lead person, who is able to benefit from coaching.

  • We accept applications from individual innovators, registered non-profit and for profit enterprises.

  • Ventures must be innovative in that they find an entirely new way of doing things or repurpose an existing solution in order to solve a real-world problem.
  • We’re looking for SMART ventures (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, with proof of concept executed within 2 years​) that have been designed to scale.