Slide Guide.

A tool that assists in the correct recording and interpretation of growth chart data in the Road to Health Booklet, to enable early identification of growth faltering in infants and ensure appropriate intervention.

The need

Growth charts, that form part of the South African Road to Health Booklet (RTHB) for infants and toddlers, are instruments used by healthcare workers around the world to monitor the growth of a child and to intervene if necessary.

Growth is monitored by plotting key measurements (such as baby’s height, weight and head circumference) on a chart and comparing changes over time with accepted ‘norms’. Growth faltering is often the first sign of a serious health issue and the growth charts are therefore important tools for ensuring healthy development. Correct completion and interpretation of the charts are essential to appropriate advice and action.

All healthcare workers, not just paediatricians, should make use of the RTHB, including the growth charts as an active part of every interaction with mom and baby. While research shows the significant health and developmental benefits of using growth monitoring charts, these are underutilised and often inaccurately plotted and poorly interpreted in the South African context.  In addition, experts point to a gap in health-care workers’ provision of constructive and encouraging messaging to caregivers resulting in a less effective interaction between healthcare workers and caregiver.

The innovation

A tool that assists in the correct recording and interpretation of growth chart data could assist in addressing these challenges.

The Slide Guide is a simple non-tech device that helps the healthcare professional to accurately plot the child’s measurements, interpret the measure and provide the correct encouragement and/or intervention as necessary. This innovation is cost effective and scalable in the most resource-constrained settings.

Key insights

The Department of Health is investing significant resources in improving the quality of the SA Road to Health Booklet.

The Slide Guide is designed to be integrated into this process, with the potential to reach every newborn child.

The project team

CHCLT Design is an inter-disciplinary communication design studio with roots in product design, creating meaningful experiences that drive productivity, through powerful communication and strategy.

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